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Every year on the 10th of December the Noble Prizes are awarded in The Grand City Hall of Stockholm. 1300 royal guests and the laureates are invited. However, the most famous thing about the evening is the carefully crafted menu, which is served according to a strict minute by minute schedule.

Millions of people watch the live broadcast of the Nobel dinner. And in a neighbor TV channel, at the same time, The Le Bon dinner was aired live during commercial breaks.

This year on the same night, in the same second, the doors to another banquet opened - LE BON (a palindrome of NOBEL). It mirrored every little detail of the Nobel banquet: a 1.1 replica of the Grand City Hall, 1300 guests, 5200 plates, 50 chefs, 260 waiters etc. Finally anyone could experience the Nobel menu - which was 100 % made of ingredients from LIDL, the discount store.


The guests who had booked a table at our banquet became the spokespersons and our real life proof for the high quality products. And the rest of the Swedish people were all ears:

Swedes usually follows every detail of the Nobel Prize award banquet. This year they were inclined to follow Lidl's dinner as well. We had teasers, print ads, banners, TVC's - all leading up to the night. And like Nobel our banquet was live broadcasted in the parallel TV-channel. We mirrored the happenings and served our food in the exact same second. The guests tweets and instagrams were full of pictures of the great food and the people who saw them thought at first sight that they were at the Nobel banquet.


On the busiest week before Christmas people chose to go to a dinner event hosted by a low price store. 1300 tickets were booked in less than 4 hours.

Overall sales increase (compared to same period last year)

+ 6,71%


70%, highest ever

Ad liking

61%, highest ever

The overall impression

63,6 % rated the event 10 of 10

Quality dimension

83 % have a more positive view of Lidls product after the event

Purchase intention

76,8 % are more likely to shop at Lidl after the event


67,8% will shop more often at Lidl after the event

Brand likeability

83,1% have a more positive view of the Lidl brand after the event


A traditional ad wouldn't convince the sceptic Swedes about the quality of Lidl's discount food, so we chose a media channel where no one could ignore their high quality. An arena where the products would be measured against the highest of standards.

A hi-jack of the Nobel banquet.

1300 people were invited to LeBon through the Lidl Facebook, and got a first hand experience of the quality of the food from Lidl, in the nicest of environments. And for some of those that didn't make it, they could order the full menu to their homes, also through the Lidl FB.


People in Sweden are very skeptical to low prize food, Swedes generally think that low prize equals bad quality. And Lidl have had a difficult time establishing in Sweden. Traditional advertising didn't work. So Lidl have to do extraordinary communication in order to convince the Swedes - They have to prove the quality of their food in a way it cannot be misunderstood or missed. The real life proof. Le Bon is an example of this new platform and strategy. Lidl became profitable, and have been profitable since this thinking been in use.


Lidl is a German chain of discount food stores. They have had a difficult time to become credible on the Swedish market. Swedish people don't believe that low price food can have high quality.

The brief was to prove the quality of Lidl's products and get more people curious to try them.

We needed to create the ultimate proof that no one could disregard. We needed to challenge the food on an arena were only the very finest ingredients are excepted. And where the people would be the ones to judge it.

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