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Usually we ship our products the traditional way, for the re-launch of the N9000 we wanted do to a different kind of delivery -by foot, running.

We partnered up with a sneaker store in Barcelona and the first customer pre-ordering the shoes unknowingly sat in motion a relay run across Europe. 70 recruited people ran 1500 kilometers for 9 days, from the factory in Italy to the customers doorstep in Barcelona.


A sneaker store in Barcelona was chosen because it was within running distance for the nine days time limit of the pre-order.

In the first stage of the campaign we recruited runners through social media. Focusing on the areas where the run would take place. A mix of recruited local runners, employees and "hero runners" from 9 different countries created the chain of runners bringing the box the 1500 kilometers across Europe. The run was documented and shared live through social media. Afterwards people could re-live the whole experience through a documentary and an interactive website. The run allowed Diadora to showcase their different products, involve the target group along the way and create unique content - all on behalf of one lucky customer ordering the shoes.


The campaign created a lot of engagement and involvement both before, during and after the run. First in the recruitment phase where over 1000 people applied to take part in the event. Then by engagement during the run, both in social media, and along the route of the run. After the run people can re-live the whole experience through the interactive website.

The campaign is on-going but can already show some great results.

- Currently we are looking at an overall reach of close to 150 million people across the European markets, NYC and LA. These people has on average seen it twice, which leave us at 280+ million impressions. This does not include blogger articles, and other content that has organically been spread from this.

- In terms of video views we have over 25 million 100% views

-The average session duration is close to over 3 minutes


This is a promotion for the re-launch of the iconic N9000 shoe. The core of the idea is to engage and activate people to take part in the event, and engage through digital platforms and social media. The response was massive and we recruited our 70 runners among over a thousand applications. The run was documented live on the go which made it possible for people to take part in the run in real time.


We wanted to create a real and relevant launch of the N9000 that could prove what Diadora is all about. The campaign should be real and challenge the category. Our target audience was sport-loving people in Europe. It was an important task to engage these people in a way they felt relevant. We wanted to create a platform that allowed us to involve people directly in the campaign, and create content that we could use in different channels to spark conversation with people.


The Italian sports brand Diadora wanted to make a comeback after a few years of reorganization. They wanted to use the re-launch of the iconic running shoe the N9000 to make their mark. The product is hand made in their factory in Caerano di San Marco, Italy. We wanted to use this promotion to engage customers across Europe, and underline their position as a sports- and running brand. “Make it Bright” is a key value for Diadora, so the goal was to create something engaging that could challenge the category and reflect the joy of sport.

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