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McCANN, Santiago / GREENPEACE / 2022


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Why is this work relevant for Sport Entertainment?

The Sacrifice wasn’t just a traditional campaign to get people’s attention. The Sacrifice was a whole surf tournament against pollution and placed right in front of the problem. We showed the world how these areas are damaged in the name of power and profit, and we did it with the compromise of the prestigious Chilean surfing community.

The entertainment content was distributed organically by cents of sports media, and we put sport to work for a better world.


Quintero – Puchuncaví is one of the dozen Sacrifice Zones in Latin America. Big companies had literally sacrificed people’s life due to the pollution. Quintero – Puchucanví was also the cradle of Chilean surfing. In 1970, the first wave was ridden here by Daniel Tello. 50 years later, his son, Daniel Tello, was part of the most dangerous surf tournament.

Our goal was to show how thermal power plants had destroyed the beach of Quintero. Every day coal, arsenic, and hydrogen sulfide are emitted on a scale that pollutes everything in a range of 50 km.

And we did it with a surf tournament in the only way that was safely possible: by wearing gas masks.

Describe the creative idea

The Sacrifice was the most dangerous surfing tournament in the World.

We invited professional surfers to participate in the challenge of riding in Quintero's wave, the most dangerous, not because of its swell or height, but due to the toxic components that it has.

For safety reasons they had to use gas masks and were checked by a medical team after the tournament.

The competition took place right in front of the largest and oldest energy plant and was followed live by thousands around the globe.

Describe the strategy

The strategy was to use an entertainment-sport platform as the vehicle to show Quintero's reality. We invited the press, people, and communities to be part of this event by sharing it.

We did everything that a surf tournament does. From the professional surfers to the tents on the beach. All of these put the event in people's mouths, and more importantly, show the sad and dark reality of Quintero.

Describe the execution

We started with an open summon to all surfers to participate in the most dangerous surf tournament. Then we showed them the place. They got interested.

We invited the press and local community to attend the Tournament.

On the day of the event, we did everything like an official surf tournament, and it was streamed by the most important surfers in Chile.

The gas mask was used during the competition and it got the attention even of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency of Chile.

10 riders made it to the competition, but the only winner was the people from Quintero.

Describe the outcome

Phenomenal response, including the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency of Chile, top-ranked surfers in the world, press from Peru, Brazil, the US, Canada, France, and Japan, among others.

A movement to defend beaches in Chile was raised.

100.000+ shares on social media.

100.000+ signs at Greenpeace platform to end coal energy.

Over 500.000 in earned media.

The Sacrifice was a trending topic, and the debate on Chilean energy reached the presidential race.

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