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HOY, Buenos Aires / ALMA / 2022


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Why is this work relevant for Sport Entertainment?

It is relevant to the category because its success was based on the use of a live broadcast in an important sporting event (the match between Racing Club and Club Sarmiento of Argentina). In addition, an athlete was used as ambassador, who, with his interview in the middle of the live broadcast, surprised all viewers with disconcerting statements. The repercussion in networks, especially sports media, was extraordinary and immediate. In less than 3 minutes the player was a TT and once it was revealed it was an action to raise awareness about Alzheimer's, the disease also became a TT.


Alzheimer's is one of the main causes of dementia, and short-term forgetfulness is one of the first signs of the disease.

The brief was to raise awareness among as many people as possible about the importance of detecting these early symptoms to find better treatment for the disease.

The challenge was to find a creative and disruptive way to raise awareness among the adult and young adult population, with a zero budget, and with an action that would go viral in an organic and very relevant way in sports media or not.

Describe the creative idea

Soccer players' post-match statements are one of the most awaited moments by fans. Generally, these statements seem noncommittal and even almost scripted.

With I don't remember we sought to take ownership of that moment, and turn it into the most surprising, relevant and viral live statement in the history of sports, and we did it by asking the player to pretend not to remember everything he had just experienced on the field.

In this way, we put Alzheimer's disease on everyone's lips and raised awareness about the importance of paying attention to the small, short-term forgetfulness that can occur in adulthood or young adulthood.

Describe the strategy

For Argentineans, soccer is a passion, when a big club like Racing plays, the TV audience is very large and the post-match interviews are a long-awaited moment for the fans.

One of the first symptoms of Alzheimer's is short-term forgetfulness, so strategically we decided to use Racing's post-match interview to raise awareness among the adult and young adult audience.

We proposed that a soccer player in front of the camera and in the middle of the interview pretend not to remember what he had just experienced, to surprise everyone, so that the story would be picked up by the media and become a topic of conversation in the networks.

Hours later, the players' networks, the club, and the NGO A.L.M.A. revealed that it was all an action to raise awareness about the first symptoms or signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Describe the execution

Chronologically, the action had two stages of implementation. In the first, we used the classic post-match note and with the complicity of the captain of the Racing Club soccer team (one of the most important in the country) we surprised the audience that was watching the live broadcast, with the player answering "I don't remember" to every question asked by the journalist. This generated a wave of reactions in social and digital media, and within minutes, the player and the club were trending topics and the whole country was talking about it.

Hours later in the second stage, the player, the club and the NGO A.L.M.A. uploaded a video to their networks clarifying that it was an action related to Alzheimer's, and from then on Alzheimer's was also a trending topic. The action was the news of the week on networks and was picked up by media around the world.

Describe the outcome

Results exceeded all expectations. A few minutes after the article was published, the action was already trending topic in social media, different national media were already talking about it, everyone was wondering what was happening to the Racing player.

And, after the unveiling, the action exploded in international media, reaching different countries around the world, in less than a week the action exceeded 270 million impressions, the reach exceeded 58 million, all in an organic way, without investing a dollar in advertising, media, PR, influencers, etc.

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