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Why is this work relevant for Sport Entertainment?

With E-nterpreters, we’re making Discord (a platform with millions of gamers connected daily) manage to integrate an entire community that is usually excluded from experiencing online games and conversations for not being able to hear. Today, E-nterpreters is an official Discord bot. This allows us to continue developing this journey in various languages and ensuring machine-learning in our AI.


There are over 100 million deaf gamers in the world that are currenty missing the complete interactive gaming experience for not being able to hear; often opting to play alone. Many solutions have come up in other mediums and platforms, but none for communication between online game users; and as a result, this group of gamers are excluded from simple online conversations between friends.

That’s why this development combines artificial intelligence with sign language and integrates them in a bot inside Discord, the world’s largest communication platform for gamers, which now, when listening to each player’s voice, converts them into text commands and translates them to a visual response. Not so long ago, there were no available developments that could reduce the gap between gamers that are able to hear and deaf gamers in online games.

Describe the creative idea

E-nterpreters is an AI bot that translates sign language conversations that occur in Discord, the world’s largest online gamer interaction platform, in real time. Partnered with Cyrcis’ technological labs, we summoned deaf gamers in order to learn gamer sign language so we could consolidate it into a universal language; creating specific translations for actions that didn’t have one yet.

Powered by Google’s artificial intelligence, bots listen to the conversations and translate them through avatars. An algorithm recognizes each player’s voice and translates it in the order they’re speaking. The goal is to transform the way deaf people communicate in the gaming world, by connecting them with gamers that are able to hear.

An innovation that took 10 months of development and was certified by Discord as an official bot within the platform.

Describe the strategy

The strategy was to address the entire deaf gamer community, thus, together, we created a new gamer sign language. To make it happen, we took advantage of a variety of technological tools that have been created to date to integrate them and generate an artificial intelligence that connects the entire gamer community with the rest of gamers. This took place within Discord, the communication tool par excellence to play online, that we decided to leave as an open source so it can be translated to other languages in the near future.

Describe the execution

E-nterpreters is a bot that translates users’ conversations within Discord to sign language in real time. To achieve this, we integrated Google’s “speech to text” to our algorithm in order to convert texts into visual responses in any online game supported by this platform.

Currently, this development is available only for PC within Discord. E-nterpreters is as an open source in development that’s looking forward to continuing with the inclusion of more signs and the learning of more translations in real time

Describe the outcome

Currently, E-nterpreters is a bot verified by Discord, which allows us to start learning new languages in the medium term. For this, we plan to focus on the languages with the largest number of users (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean), thus, accelerating the learning process.

The programming is open so that any developer in the world can improve the AI and integrate more signs within the library of gestures in our programming.

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