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HAKUHODO, Tokyo / KAGOME CO. / 2015

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Kagome is Japan’s leading producer of fresh tomatoes and tomato-related products. Because the nutrition in tomatoes reduces fatigue, Kagome hoped to promote tomatoes as a sports food like bananas to sports lovers Investigating the success of bananas, we discovered that tomatoes lack mobility in that they are not easy to carry and to eat. Accordingly, we created the world’s first wearable robot that feeds tomatoes to a player during sports. We revealed this robot and a promotional movie at the Reception for the Tokyo Marathon, sponsored by Kagome. At the race, a Kagome’s employee ran wearing this robot and eye-catching scenes of eating tomatoes were shown all over the world as news. As a result, 93% of people who we reached with this campaign recognized tomatoes as a sports food .Sales of Kagome fresh tomatoes after the campaign increased by 50% when compared to last week.


Kagome discovered that the citric acid and lycopene in tomatoes reduce fatigue during sports activities. Our object was to create the perception among sports lovers that tomatoes are a nutrition supplement food like bananas and to encourage them to eat tomatoes while playing sports. Investigating the success of bananas, we gained an insight: Tomatoes lack mobility in that they are not easy to carry and to eat. We have never seen scenes of athletes eating tomatoes during major sports events. Accordingly, our challenge was to show eye-catching scenes of athletes eating tomatoes at major sports events.


Output:100 million media impressions. 20 domestic TV national news stories. The campaign was introduced during a live TV broadcast of the marathon. About 1000 online articles in 62 countries around the world. It was reported by The Guardian and Independent in UK, The Wall Street Journal and NBC in the US, Le Monde in French, and other major news media in various countries. Almost all the articles introduced that nutrition in tomatoes reduces fatigue during sports. Worldwide advertising value equivalency is 17million USD. Attitude:Views of online related videos totaled 1.5 Million. The number of shares of related online articles on social media sites was 300,000. Among the audience aware of the campaign, 93% accepted that tomatoes have positive effects on sports performance and 83% indicated their intention to eat tomatoes while doing sports.Business impact: Sales of Kagome's fresh tomatoes after the campaign increased by 50% when compared to last week.


To give tomatoes mobility, we created an eye-catching wearable robot that carries 6 tomatoes and feeds them to a player while engaging in sport with world-famous machine artist unit Maywa Denki and a Kagome employee with an agriculture PhD. First of all, we posted a teaser trailer which introduces the scenes of development of the robot on YouTube. Next, we unveil this robot and a promotional movie at the reception for the Tokyo Marathon, which is sponsored by Kagome. A Kagome's employee wearing this robot in the Tokyo Marathon (pre-marathon fun run) created eye-catching scenes of runners eating tomatoes. In this series of measures, we disseminated the message through media articles and visual reports that tomatoes play an effective role in sports.

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