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Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Little Caesars announces its new delivery service, and a customer states that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Great news for customers, but not so great at Sliced Bread Inc. — an edgy company with a minimalist logo, a “visionary” CEO, and young people brainstorming the future of Sliced Bread. In fact, the news throws them into a dysfunctional death spiral of implosion.

We go inside the walls of this fictional bread company and watch their out-of-touch and out-of-his-depth CEO, played by Rainn Wilson, trying to save the flailing company by innovating, then pivoting, giving himself pep talks, outright lying, then completely losing his shit. Sliced Bread falls into complete and utter chaos. It’s Lord of the Flies, with Ostriches. And in the end, we see the humbled CEO at his new gig, delivering pizza for Little Caesars.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Even though other pizza chains introduced delivery decades ago, with Little Caesars delivery at Little Caesars value, a whole new group of people could afford to get pizza delivered. Making it “the best thing since sliced bread” — a common idiom used to describe something awesome. And in our campaign, we took that idiom to the extreme.

Provide the full film script in English.

Music throughout.

We open on a house. A Little Caesars delivery man is at the door.

SFX: Doorbell rings.

Legal: Delivery available from participating locations with online orders only. Delivery fees apply.

A woman answers the door and takes the pizza from the delivery man.

WOMAN: Little Caesars delivery. That’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Cut to Sliced Bread Headquarters. An Employee (Empl 1) enters the sliced bread exec’s office.

EMPL 1: We’ve got a problem. There’s a new best thing.

Sliced bread exec is in a pitch meeting.

EXEC: Okay. New ideas. Go.

Another employee (EMPL 2) holds up a tiny loaf of bread.

EMPL 2: Travel-sized bread.

A man and woman (EMPL 3) are pitching, holding up a sparkly loaf of bread.

EMPL 3: Sparkle Bread.

Two women (EMPL 4) are pitching, holding torn slices of bread.

EMPL 4: Bread insurance.

Two men (EMPL 5) are pitching, holding a loaf of bread attached to a frying pan.

EMPL 5: Magnetic bread.

EXEC: Dear lord.

Sliced bread exec is sitting in his office with EMPL 1 who hands him a stack of papers.

EXEC: Run the numbers.

EMPL 1: I ran the numbers.

Exec throws the papers back at EMPL 1.

EXEC: Well, run them again!

Sliced bread exec is looking at himself in the bathroom mirror.

EXEC: You can do this.

Sliced bread exec is lying on the floor, surrounded by sliced bread, punching boxing gloves together.

EXEC: Come on, come on, come on.

Sliced bread exec is in his office, staring intently at a slice of bread.

EXEC: Talk to me!

Sliced bread exec is back in the bathroom, talking to himself in the mirror.

EXEC: Go out there and lead!

Exec is back on the floor.

EXEC: Thin slices, thick slices, diagonal slices!

Exec is back in the bathroom mirror. He growls at his reflection.

EXEC: Grarrrrrrr!!

He air boxes at his reflection.

EXEC: Hoo! Hah!

Sliced bread exec leafs through papers as he walks down the hallway.

EXEC: Yes, this might work! This might—

He stops as he sees employees eating Little Caesars pizza.

EXEC: Wha—

He slaps all the pizza out of their hands.

EXEC: No no no no no no!

Exec is in his office holding a golf club. A woman walks by.

EXEC: Everything is fine!

Sliced Bread exec is pacing back and forth in his office.

ANCHOR(VO): I’ve been following this turkey for a month!

We see trophies on the exec’s shelves reading Sliced Bread, best thing 2013 and 2014.

Cut to a news studio where a news anchor throws a piece of toast at the camera.

ANCHOR: Sliced bread is toast!

We see exec knock all the trophies off his shelves.

EXEC: Aghhhhhhh!

We’re back in the bathroom, exec is talking to himself in the mirror.

EXEC: I’m not gonna cry. Don’t cry.

Exec is in his car, crying.

EXEC: *Crying*

Exec is on the floor.

EXEC: This is not happening, this is not happening—

Exec is in his office, brandishing a golf club. He smashes a vase.

EXEC: This is not happening!

Exec is in a board meeting.

EXEC: I know there are concerns, but everything’s fine.

He takes a drink out of a large pitcher of water.

We see a photocopier fly out of the office window. We see two employees tying EMPL 1 to a chair using duct tape.

We see exec continuing to drink water from the pitcher as it streams down all over him, soaking his suit.

EMPL 2 is cowering underneath his desk, holding a plush bread pillow. Exec stands in the middle of the office, holding a burning loaf of bread as employees behind him jump on the desks, throw paper around, and ride an ostrich through the office.

Cut to a house. A Little Caesars delivery man rings the doorbell.

SFX: Doorbell rings.

A man opens the door and takes the pizza from the delivery man.

MAN: Little Caesars delivery. Best thing since slice—

Reveal that the delivery man is the sliced bread exec.

EXEC: Sliced bread! I know.


ANNCR: America’s best value, now delivered!

SFX: Doorbell rings.

LC: Pizza, pizza.

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