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We gave the guide dog of the blind Whopper lover Nathan Tree a special training. So that he can lead his owner on travels to the nearest Burger King restaurant. For 15 days professional dog coaches of the Essex dogs training centre trained Nathan’s dog to detect the scent of flame grilled beef. Since dog noses posses up to 220 million scent receptors, they actually succeeded in training him this special skill. Then, on their next trip – to Paris – Nathan gave the command and his four-legged friend led him to his favorite burger restaurant. So Nathan could enjoy his much-loved flame grilled burger.


To make sure that dogs can really master our task, we talked to numerous dog experts and contacted societies for the blind in advance. Finally we found a dog school where all conditions would fit. Then we trained Nathan's guide dog for 15 days with the help of longtime professional dog coaches – and joined Nathan and his dog on their trip to Paris for the first field test. We documented the whole process and created an engaging online film. We also offered a special version of the film exclusively for the visually impaired.


The Whopper Dog case archieved over 120.000.000 media impressions. Leading to earned media worth about 6.100.000 € ($ 7.400.000). Plus, 78%?of all recipients consumed the film until the very end. Which is an extremly high completion rate. But most importantly: We also had people talking about the topic of (digital) accessibility.


The Whopper Dog case highlights Burger King’s most iconic brand feature: flame-grilling. And for the first time, we showed that this brand feature is not only about taste, but also about scent. We did this for a very special reason: Because a visually impaired Whopper fan asked us to help him out. Thus our case is an exciting and entertaining online documentary about the love for flame-grilled burgers and about the topic of (digital) accessibility.


Our target group basically consisted all Whopper fans. But with this case we also addressed another, more specific target group: visually impaired people. We published the regular campaign film on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. And we also had special version for the visually impaired on YouTube. So we offered various touchpoints to make burger fans aware of the film. Furthermore, we offered a forum for the discussions about the topic of (digital) accessibility.


Burger King's Whopper is one of the world’s most famous burgers. Millions of people love him. Though what if you're a Whopper lover but can't find the way to your favorite burger restaurant in a foreign city – because you're blind. You write an e-mail to Burger King, asking them for a little help.

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