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PARTY, Tokyo / LIVESENSE INC. / 2019

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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Machbaito offers job-seekers opportunities to experience the brand's speedy part-time job search service in an effortless way, ultimately leading to more people actually using the service.


Young people search for part-time jobs because they want to earn cash fast. However, the reality in Japan is that the fastest they get paid is two months after being hired.

Our main objectives were to update the current part-time job payment situation, and encourage more users to use the client's job search service.

Describe the creative idea

To solve the issue of time lag in part-time job payments, we developed Machbaito (literally means "speedy part-time jobs), a brand-new speedy job-search service that wires 10,000 yen (equivalent to US$100) to people's bank accounts the instant they are hired.

To invite people to experience the "instant payment" feature of the service, we launched a series of demonstrations where participants actually get paid US$100 as soon as they do a ridiculous job such as delivering pizza from a limousine or invent a new yoga pose.

Describe the strategy

We intentionally made each ridiculous job easy to do, which helped to illustrate how instant Machbaito's service is, and encouraged people to apply and experience the speediness for themselves.

Setting the part-time job application method as tweeting on Twitter also made the process simple, and the applications also functioned as promotion for the service.

Applicants who received the notification of being hired also tweeted about getting weird part-time jobs, which further generated buzz on social media.

Describe the execution

These part-time jobs are available to everyone around Japan.

Every month, five jobs are open for applications.


October 2018: Research whether animals will gather if a human plays music in the forest (Tokyo)

November 2018: Develop a new way to tie a scarf (Anywhere in Japan)

December 2018: Pass out balloons without wearing the head of an animal costume (Tokyo)

January 2019: Ride a limousine to deliver pizza (Tokyo)

February 2019: Create a fancy set for someone coming out of the dressing room (Tokyo)

March 2019: Invent new yoga poses (Anywhere in Japan)

We also built a website to showcase these part-time jobs.

List the results

Each of the part-time jobs in the series of job demonstrations attracted over 6,500 applicants, generating more buzz than a single promotion for one job.

Young people's attention on the service led to coverage by numerous media including popular TV programs. Japan's major brands also offered to collaborate on developing jobs for the demonstrations.

Ultimately, the updating of the part-time job system in Japan and the demonstrations led to a 20% increase in people's awareness of Machbaito. More and more young people in Japan are now using Machbaito to find part-time jobs and get paid instantly.

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