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Re: What’s this iTest thing???

Hey team,

Our biggest rival has just turned our own device into a platform to showcase themselves.

They’re literally running their campaign on our devices.

Alongside that they are running a highly targeted campaign that speaks to iPhone users at the times they are most likely to be considering switching, such as inside phone stores, and when searching for phones online.

Abdu, Apple SA

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Re:Re: What’s this iTest thing???

Did some digging,

As you know, many iPhone users don’t consider switching because they assume android will be too different/difficult to what they’re used to. (And our beautiful walled garden keeps them looking elsewhere)

So, Samsung needed to get creative to show iPhone users the merits of Android...

That's how all this started.

Lin, Apple Asia

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Re:Re:Re: What’s this iTest thing????

Hi guys,

For years android has had the reputation of being more complicated than iOS. Many iPhone users don’t even consider switching because of this.

So Samsung has hijacked our devices to let people test drive a Samsung from the comfort of their iPhone so they can see that it’s just as intuitive as what they’re used to and has features our phones don’t.

And they’ve somehow built it as a web app so the Apple store can’t block it!

AND it’s not just an emulation. Every part of the experience is design to entertain and guide iPhone users.

This is all backed up by a cheeky integrated campaign that directly targets iPhone users.

What a day…

Jesse, Apple HQ

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Describe the strategy

Re:Re:Re:Re: What’s this iTest thing???

It looks like they laid out a strategy to achieve the impossible… get iPhone users to pick up and a Samsung!

Firstly they’re leveraging the Apple vs Samsung "war" the press just loves so it’s getting traction.

Secondly, they’re not just targeting iPhone users - they’re also targeting the Apple tech community that loves creating content around new innovation and tech news.

It seems like this iTest thing is the sweet spot of being something fun, cheeky and entertaining, but also deep enough for bloggers to create frustratingly in-depth content about the experience.

Also the campaign they’re using to promote iTest is perfectly targeted at iPhone users, they can even tell which version of iPhone a person is using and adjust their messaging to suit.

They have found a way to break into our walled garden people!

Craig, Apple HQ

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Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: What’s this iTest thing???

Buenas tardes Apple team,

It looks like iTest launched April 9th 2021. Mac Rumours picked it up shortly after that and it spread across the internet. (they fuelled this with cheeky messages to influencers that looked like apple event invites.

But then they ran a campaign outside AND INSIDE! phone stores and a digital and social campaign promoting iTest that targets iPhone users, especially those thinking about to upgrade.

There are also thousands of walk-throughs of the experience across Youtube and Tiktok that the Apple community has been posting and sharing.

Oh and seeing the success it has had Samsung global has had now created different versions for other markets including Nordic, US, UK , Europe, India and Australia.

I'm supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow.

Martina, Apple South America

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Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: What’s this iTest thing????

Sorry guys it just keeps coming.

Over 12 million iPhone users have test driven a Samsung through the experience so far.

And millions more have seen the experience through the thousands of demos of iTest that tech-bloggers and micro-influencers have posted on platforms like Youtube and TikTok.

As Martina mentioned Samsung has had now created different versions for other markets including Nordic, US, UK , Europe, India and Australia.

NZ- where the campaign has originated has seen iPhone to Samsung switching rates increase by 10%

Oh and one more thing…

Samsung has retaken the top spot for phone shipments in 2021.

David, Apple Helpdesk

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