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Why is this work relevant for Media?

This was part of the first Free Fire brand campaign in Brazil. To reward our fans' for their ongoing support and to keep expanding our player base, we brought the most iconic game feature to life while transforming something that everyone can see into our very own media platform: the sky. In the game, planes drop item boxes - so we made real planes drop Free Fire items in real life through AR. Whenever a plane flew by, people could point their phones at the sky to receive an airdrop right in front of them.


Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game in Brazil for two consecutive years (2020/2021), but the brand has never created a campaign tailor-made for its huge Brazilian community.

So, for the first brand campaign in the country, we wanted to surprise and delight our fans, generating buzz to the brand - all while showing that Free Fire is accessible, fun and rewarding to its community. The objectives were to create even more brand awareness and brand love.

Describe the creative idea / insights

The Real Airdrop made planes drop in-game items into people's phones.

In the game, planes fly by and drop items. So we turned that into a reality: when a plane flew by, all you had to do was point your phone up to the sky and collect an airdrop that would go straight to your in-game wallet. We turned drops into a reality and gave a real gift to our fans. To make this possible, we've created an experience that could be accessed via a WebApp, where we combined real flight data to users' geolocation in real-time - and turned the sky into our very own media platform.

Describe the strategy

Our target audience was young people from Brazil (18-25 years old) from class C and D - important to have in mind that most of them don't own the latest iPhone model, so we had to create not only a unique experience, but also a democratic one. Having this data from the target audience in mind, we adapted the technology to work, just like Free Fire, in almost any kind of phone - making the idea more accessible for all. And, of course, the experience's trigger was something that everyone can easily access: the sky.

We used gaming influencers to help explain how the idea worked and spread the word about the drops. To make the idea even more interesting, we've also used real-time flight data to back up our plane's itineraries - so people could capture an airdrop just as a real plane flew by them.

Describe the execution

We've created a WebApp where we combined users' geolocation with real flight data to create "drop windows" that were extremely awaited by the fans. These airdrops were available all over Brazil, in different cities every day. To capture a drop, users just had to visit the WebApp and, if their geolocation matched a plane, point their camera up to the sky - then, an airdrop fell right in front of them through AR. This campaign ran for a limited time - roughly two months - and the drops were only available in a few cities at a time.

List the results

1.251.427 airdrops happened in 1083 cities around Brazil.

We had over 2 million registered users with almost 3 min average session duration.

The campaign had 89% of target coverage.

Our social media was flooded with positive responses.

"Planes are dropping Free Fire items from the sky through AR" - UOL

"Free Fire goes beyond mobile screens" - IGN Brasil

"Free Fire is creating a new reality" - Update or Die

"Digital entertainment for the widest possible audience" - Fast Company

Describe the use of data, or how the data enhanced the work

The biggest challenge was to create a stunt as simple and democratic as Free Fire - a game that you only need a mobile phone to play. So we combined real-time flight data with the geolocation of people who interacted with the webapp, to create an accessible experience that had a sense of novelty and covered the entire national territory. If their geolocation matched a plane's location in real-time, ta-da: an airdrop fell right from the sky through AR. The combination of these two data pools made it possible that whenever a plane flew by them, people could point their phones at the sky to receive an AR airdrop.

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