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SRA. RUSHMORE, Madrid / RED CROSS / 2018


Gold Cannes Lions
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This is the story of a father trying to save the life of his daughter, injured in a bombing. We see him speeding down an isolated highway, his daughter in the backseat with a bandage around her abdomen.

He works to keep her calm and awake until they arrive at the hospital, but she loses consciousness. The father, desperate, gets caught up in a traffic jam and continues on foot, carrying his daughter in his arms. But upon arriving at the hospital, he finds that the building has been destroyed by a bombing, and with it, any possibility of saving his daughter.

Overtop the expression on his face as he looks around, helplessly, appears an overprint: “No hospitals. No hope”.

Because every time someone attacks a hospital, they’re not only ending the lives of those inside. They’re handing down a death sentence to all of those who are left unattended.


Every day in hundreds of places, many hospitals and healthcare personnel are attacked, but the victims are not only healthcare personnel, but also entire civilian populations that die, are maimed, or fall fatally ill after being deprived of doctors and health centres where they otherwise would have sought care.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, a neutral and independent organization that offers protection and humanitarian assistance to victims of armed conflicts, wants to make this cause more visible. This campaign is aimed at raising awareness and including as many people in the conversation as possible, in order to influence those responsible for actions taking place in wars so that they can adopt measures to avoid these types of attacks.



60” Spot


We begin in the interior of a car that is speeding through the narrow streets of a small village in the Middle East. Inside, we see a father driving with his full concentration on the road; he is clearly nervous. At that moment, he looks in the rear view mirror and we see a girl around 6 years old, lying in the back seat with bloody bandages on her stomach. It looks like an internal injury caused by an explosion because they are also both covered in dust.

Father: Are you okay?

Girl: It hurts a lot.

Father: I know, I know. I swear I know.

But you´re very brave, right? My love, The Brave.

Girl: When’s mummy coming?

Father: She’s coming, I promise she's coming. She’ll be here soon.

Raya? Guess where we are going?

Girl: Where?

Father: We’re going to the place where you were born.

Girl: Really?

Father: Yes! They’re going to take your pain away my love, I promise.

At that moment, the car drives into the city.

Father: Raya? You okay?

Girl: I’m very tired.

Father: I know my love, I swear I know. We´'e nearly there.

No, no my love, don´t sleep. Open your eyes, look at me.

Look at me Raya, Shall we sing a song?

Ok… Kitty Cat? My kitty cat is called Sisi

Raya… darling? Stay with me Raya…

The father, desperate, gets out of the car, grabs the little girl and starts walking down the street, carrying her in his arms. Suddenly, they arrive at an area where there used to be a hospital. Before the father’s destroyed visage, we see that the hospital has been bombed; the uppermost floors are a smoking ruin.

Overprint: No hospitals. No hope.

Overprint: Everyday, health workers are attacked in war zones.

Even wars have rules.

Healthcare is #NotATarget

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