4 AM SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Guatemala / KASPERLE / 2015

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Cloud Sketch was a real time game that invited people to play with their imagination and the clouds in the sky inside of a 12 by 12 meters giant Pictionary Frame. Our giant Pictionary was placed in a park where the clouds were well appreciated.

The Pictionary had a digital display for people to interact with it, and under the hashtag #ISee (#YoVeo) people sent messages that could be read on the Pictionary's display indicating what they were imagining inside the frame.


We wanted to generate awareness for Kasperle, a store dedicated to sell creative games that encourage the use of imagination. We found an opportunity in one of the most popular games, Pictionary. We thought how could we make an action to interact with people to show them how easy and fun is to use toys that encourage imagination.

So we decided to create Cloud Sketch, a game for people to use Pictionary in a new way very different and fun.


We generate consumer awareness and contribute to increase the visits in the Kasperle Store. Kasperle’s fanpage increased in more than 50% the number of fans. Now the ads they publish receive more interaction from the costumers.

After this activity the sales increased 10% over the previous year.


To make Cloud Sketch possible we consider two essential factors:

1. The place, we needed a large and crowded space where clouds could be seen well.

2. Weather, clouds were needed for playing, that is why we did it in summer.

Plaza Cayalá was chosen because besides being a trendy place, had the space and is very popular with the target, that's where we place our Pictionary giant Frame.

The activity started on Sunday 22 March. It lasted a month.

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